I was born in Hong Kong, surrounded by the mystery, mystique, and the magic of the Far East. I was always walking past Taoist temples spewing out scents and trails of joss stick smoke on my way to school. At an early age, I was aware of the superstitions that prevail within the Chinese culture, of witches and wizards, dragons, feng shui, tudigong spirit tablets, avoiding 4, embracing red, all watched over by the ever-present ‘three pure ones.’ I was sent to school in Sydney, Australia, when I was 12 which could not have been further in temperament from Hong Kong. Gaining my A-levels, I travelled to Papua New Guinea to study economics at the University of Papua New Guinea for a year, overwhelmed by more witches and evil spirits, not to mention deadly fauna!

I returned to Sydney and worked in insurance, guided to work with people who were astrologists and tarot readers. It was with the latter that we decided to have a séance, from which I spontaneously went into the trance state – I was terrified. I did not return to this state for another nine years. However, insurance was only a stopgap as I had always wanted to be an actor. Auditioning at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) on three occasions before I was finally accepted – and then they threw me out after my first year!

Somewhere in there recovering from disappointment, I went to see a medium, Margaret Dent. Listening to the playback of the reading I had with her highlighted that I was ‘very mediumistic’, at which point I phoned her to find out what that meant. She started teaching and working with me, clearing haunted houses, attending circle, learning to read tarot cards, and finally chucking me on platform in Sydney Spiritual churches.

NIDA had taught me the rudimentary elements of dance, so I decided to learn how to dance and so give myself more opportunities of finding work in the performing arts. I was a natural dancer, learning ballet and other dance styles in two years. I was engaged to be in a few musicals before landing my most favourite job, A Chorus Line. It was during the run of this in Sydney and Melbourne that I started putting into practice the knowledge I had gained from working with Margaret, leading spiritual circles to some members of the cast between matinee and evening performances.

I left Australia traveling to settle in London, and hopefully, be a big fish in a big pond! I was very fortunate and landed many roles as actor and dancer, with a little singing thrown in. It was during these early days in London that I enrolled at the Spiritual Association of Great Britain. I was fortunate to work with Ivy Northage, a brilliant trance medium, who stabilised the gift of trance within me. I also sat in several circles and began to give readings. With spiritual friends in New York, I was invited to travel there to do workshops and platform work at spiritual churches.

My life took an unexpected turn in 1987 when I ruptured my left patella tendon. It took a long time to recover from this with constant hospitalisations. No more dancing. However, it provided me with time to devote myself to embracing Spirit as a devotee and not as a dilettante. I began to open to other means of communicating with Spirit besides tarot, which included palmistry, tea leaf reading, psychometry, and crystal ball gazing. In amongst all of this, I also started training as a spiritual healer, studying Reiki with the Reiki Academy London, and trance healing at the College of Psychic Studies with Elizabeth Roberts. And leading some circles, as well as teaching various aspects of spiritual development.

I retired from performing arts in 1993 entering the world of logistics for six years before finding a vocation in education, which gave me the opportunity of working in Singapore for a year, before retiring from the world of work. Within these 20 odd years, I studied and achieved the following qualifications: Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Training and Development, BSc (Hons) in Psychology (First), MA in Comparative Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Assessment, and Level 4 Certificate in Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages.

My other passions in life include, travel, ancient history, swimming, bridge, music, art, ballet, Peru, and cats, of which I have one called Bessie.