If you are seeking insight, inspiration, clarity, or direction, for example, unsure about your job, your relationship, etc, permit me to guide you.

Why have a reading?

If you find it difficult to trust yourself given all the decisions that you have made which have not been successful leaving you disappointed or in distress…uneasy…stressed…out of sync with yourself, a confidential spiritual reading gives you the opportunity of permitting me to re-connect you with your true self. Spiritual reading has your best interests at heart. It gives Spirit the space to share learning and wisdom with you, to help you clear the fog from your life. It helps you to take charge, trust yourself again.


What can you expect from your reading

It is probably best to expect nothing from your spiritual reading, and then you will not be disappointed. A spiritual reading is very individual, specific to the life force going on in your life now. The spiritual reading may focus on your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual life, highlighting the best area within these four states to bring balance and harmony back into your life. Trust that whatever is shared with you in your spiritual reading is right for you at that moment. You have created this time and space to devote energy specifically for you. However, there are no guarantees, expect the unexpected.


Getting the most from your reading

Be fearless.

Come with an open heart ready to embrace a new experience.
Trust that the guidance you are given is for your highest good, from your highest good.
Prepare questions to ask Spirit.
Make notes or record the reading.
Feel what is most important from the reading that you can act on.

Relax and enjoy.
Be in a private space where you can talk freely.
Make sure if communicating in the virtual world, you are connected via Zoom, or Skype.


Type of spiritual reading

Choose which type of spiritual reading you would like from the following:




Tea leaves.

Trance – spirit works directly through my mind and body giving you the opportunity to communicate directly with Spirit. My mind and body is used by Spirit to express meaningful spiritual philosophy. In this form of mediumship, I have no awareness of the exchange of energy taking place between Spirit and the person with whom Spirit is communing.