Anthony first encountered Spirit at the age of 19, in Sydney Australia, when he spontaneously went into trance. His initial spiritual training started sitting in circle with Margaret Dent, which became more specialised into trance under the guidance of Ivy Northage and Elizabeth Roberts. Working with Davina Mackail introduced him to the shamanic practices of Peru.

Through a busy career in the performing arts, he was always aware of Spirit working with him to help others, to the extent that between performances on matinee days, he would conduct a circle with interested members of the cast. This led to him offering private sittings, demonstrations and workshops in the UK, USA, and Australia.

He attunes with Spirit as a psychic medium, communicating with them through the modalities of tarot cards (Aquarian or Waite packs), palmistry, psychometry (reading the natural energy of a person’s possessions), and tea leaves. Anthony supports people in their spiritual development, empowering them to transform their lives through an organic connection with their True Self (their Unified Self) and Oneness. Working in partnership with Spirit, through experiential practice, he delivers hands on personal guidance to educate and enlighten.

Anthony Lapsley Psychic Medium