Anthony Lapsley

Psychic & Trance Medium

Anthony Lapsley Psychic Medium

I am a trance medium, spiritual (energy) healer, circle leader, and teacher of Reiki among other disciplines of Spirit.

Let’s begin with a description of my role which is to be of service, to be one with you. I do not dictate how the service will take place; I leave that to Spirit. Spirit is my guide, my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, my family of unconditional love, infinite light, and eternal energy who help me to help you remember who you are, and why you have chosen to incarnate into the dualistic world of earth. Permit me to guide and help you begin to remember who you really are.

We live within the visible world cocooned by the invisible world. However, the visible world is only temporary, it is a world of limitations that we have created, as set out in our Divine Plan. The visible world is a crucible we set ourselves in which we strive to overcome and manage our fears created by conditional love which is imposed from within ourselves and experienced by others we encounter in our lives. The invisible world of Spirit is selfless, fearless, and full of unconditional love. This is the home to which we belong and hunger to return – a home in which your true self opens you to your truth. Permit me to help you to return home.

Your true self is all that you are, your past, your present, and your future. Time is not linear. It exists in a unified state, delicately balanced between the visible and invisible worlds. It is always in flux, from which you may gain knowledge of hidden truths and wisdom, and it is always accessible. Tracing through the invisible world can help you to navigate through lives that you have experienced which may help you to learn how to transform your current life. Permit me to assist you to transform your current life by discovering your connection to your true self.

Our true self is the conduit through which we connect with Spirit. Spirit is ever-present in all our lives and is always waiting to be of assistance. Spirit has all the answers you are looking for. Spirit is beyond reproach in the advice it gives you as it has always been with you throughout your entire life. Permit me to bring you into contact with Spirit.

I support people in their spiritual development, empowering them to transform their lives through an organic connection with their True Self (their Unified Self) to Oneness. Permit me to be one with you.